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"This how-to coaching text book is fantastic. Lots of practical stuff, my team leaders love it and use it all the time."
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    Use our Call Center Referral Wizard for:

  • A Free Search to find the right call center to meet your Telemarketing, Teleservice, Customer Support or Help Desk requirements.

  • We provide unbiased Call Center evaluation and analysis

"Today’s historically low international call rates and a low Aussie dollar ($U.S.1.00=$A1.35) make project outsourcing to Best world standard Australian call centers a very attractive option to US and European companies"
- Call Centre News.


We know all call centers were not created equal and our 17 years of experience, research, audits and testing has proved this.

The search for the best qualified call center can be time consuming and frustrating. We can speed up the process at no cost to you. Since its inception in 1998, our online independent referral service has been used as the worlds leading call center search facility.

"we search the world to find the right call center for you"

- We search our Australasian and Global databases of over 250 specialist call centers and recommend a call center (whether it be in Australia, the U.S.A. or Asia etc.). Last year these agencies had over 75,000 seats, and performed over 1 billion inbound calls and 350 million outbound calls.  

Call Center Qualification Criteria:
To qualify for inclusion in our database an agency has to answer a detailed questionnaire verified by their CEO and by follow-up visits. There are several specialist categories all call centers are rated in - including such criteria as: Benchmarking (Best Practice, Best in Class, World Class), Performance, Functional capabilities - including Line Load, Call-Rate Structures, Campaign Track Record, Project Management expertise, Service Level and Call Quality etc. Only best of class call centers that have verifiable project performance track records gain listing.

Whether you're looking to:
- establish pilot regional or international projects
- support successful campaigns
- balance call load, or
- short-term or long-term projects -
- we can SAVE you 10-50% OFF standard Call Center Campaign rates.

Our International Clients span virtually every market that promotes directly to an end user.  We have working relationships with some of the worlds best known outsourcing companies in their field and our brokerage team average over seven years years experience in assisting clients/outsourcers.

- Why use a Global Call Center Referral Service?


The confidential, efficient, online service is FREE to outsourcers. We get a referral fee from the service bureau.


EXPERIENCE. As former Call Centre and Project Managers (from the U.S., Australia, U.K. and South East Asia) we know which call centres provide results and value for money.  We'll steer you in the right direction.


TIME. Instead of spending time trying to locate, then chase a number of suitable call centres to obtain quotes - you only need to come to ONE SOURCE. Us.


MONEY. We're going to get you the best deal. We'll only introduce you to a call centre if we are assured they can get the job done, on time and within budget.
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- How the FREE SEARCH Works

1) After receiving a project brief from the outsourcer we provide FREE counsel in the entire selection process.

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2) Assessment and selection procedure - a short list of qualified specialist service agencies that can meet the projects needs are identified.
3) Recent agency quotes and project results are then evaluated and a FREE search recommendation/report on the best qualified call center is provided. The outsourcer begins negotiating freely and independently with the call center.

 - OTHER OPTIONAL fee based services can include: 

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting

  • Direct Marketing and Communication support - write promotional material, letter copywriting and telephone scriptwriting etc.

  • List acquisition or building

  • Customized Training - we can co-develop and deliver your training requirements

  • Campaign Implementation - carrying out any set-up work

  • T.S.R./C.S.R./Customer Service/Campaign - external Call Quality Audits

  • Data Import/Export

  • Activity Reporting

  • Fulfillment Coordination

  • And More.......

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 "Without doubt this is the Coaching Book of the Year by far.. ..This is the ultimate how-to reference text book on Coaching skills, models and applications"  - C.C. Review


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