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Oz Call Centres.
Oz Call Centres is a Global Referral Agency. Established in 1998, our key personnel average over several successful years in the Industry and enjoy working with their local and international clients.

We are recognized as the regional leaders in our specialty and work in every phase of the outsourcing life cycle - from procurement, transition and managing the on-going relationship. Our major objective is to give our clients the control and flexibility required to successful manage the relationship.

Our outsourcing clients can also receive consultation and objective performance reports ensuring that : a) project goals are being met and, b) sustained value is being generated to their business.

Although we specialize in outsourcing we also develop campaigns for companies "from the ground up".

What We Do

The global call center industry is a large, disparate group of tens of thousands of service providers with people from many different backgrounds. Oz Call Centres is a new type of business to business referral service. We are an independent reference source for the global call center industry and a web-based business not beholden to any advertiser or vested interest.

We set out to create an independent reference source where outsourcers can find a suitably qualified service provider/Call Center. In our statistics center, for example, we collect all the stats we can find on various performance criteria of specialist successful Call Centers from around the world. Our on-the-ground experienced C.C. Outsourcing Consultants assess first hand what a call center is good at and where they are placed in the global Call Center Industry.  We strictly enforce our unbiased and objective position within the industry - and say what we think is true.

The call center of 2000 is a vastly different service provider than its predecessor of  5 years ago. And the technological, performance and staffing demands and changes will be even greater between now and 2005. Our goal is to understand those changes and to better prepare our clients to make the right outsourcing decisions for the future.

Our mission is to locate only the best of class call centers, wherever we find them. To understand how they work, their people and what tools they use.  And to bring all this understanding and knowledge to our family of: a) outsourcers - so they can confidently and quickly find the right call center to meet their outsourcing needs and, b) call centers - so they can also find the right project partner to work with.

Our IT related Contact Centers Department provides clients in the computer and communications markets with access to over 50 world-class specialist high technology contact centers. And our Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Call Center Department provides access to over 200 best-of-class call centers.


Oz Call Centres President

Marcus Jorden is the President of Oz Call Centres. Marcus has over 14 years experience in the Call Centre industry. Marcus has worked in Client Management,  Project Management and as a Call Centre Manager for a number of large U.S. Call Centres. He has developed and overseen campaigns in the U.S.A, Australia and Asia, forged international strategic alliances on behalf of his clients, overseen organizational restructuring and has also provided strategic management consulting.

Donald William (V.P. North American Office)
Prior to joining O.C.C. Richard was a Telesales Project Management Consultant and developed many successful high-volume national and international programs for his clients.

Based in Los Angeles Richard is distinguished by his knowledge of/and networking within the U.S. Telemarketing Industry.


Arial view of our Head Offices' backyard on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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